Trinity Martial Arts

New Members Info and Payment Kiosk

Membership rates: 

$250 month max family rate

$75 Youth MMA Program (Graduates of this program must upgrade to full membership)

Full membership (unlimited advanced classes) = $95 per month (BJJ and MMA students default to "Full Membership") 

TRIFIT Fight Camp: $55 per camp

Drop in Rate (no membership required) = $10 per person per day


Discount groups:

Our military and local service members get a discount when they submit proof of service. 

80% disabled vets get free training. Law enforcement officers train for free until blue belt. This does not extend to family members.

Retired vets, Firefighters, Teachers, Nurses and EMS employees get 50% off training until blue belt or the equivalent rank in your chosen art. This does not extend to family members. 

Changing Members on your account

The account holder is responsible for the membership dues of the family members that are training. You must calculate your dues accordingly to make the auto-draft payments. I will send a payment request or refund if you do not calculate the dues correctly. Please make every effort to keep you account current.  

If you intend to drop a family member from the account at any time, you must "edit your responses" on this form to reflect the dropped member AND change your reoccurring payment amount by disabling the old reoccurring payment and submitting a new amount. PLEASE ONLY DO THIS ON YOUR REOCCURING PAYMENT DATE